Portfolio Web/Desktop
Role: Lead UX designer
Challenge: Newsletter owners don’t know whether their recipients open or read their emails.
Concept: A communication tool to send and track the engagement of mass emails inside the company.
Client, persona: SAP internal employees, casual newsletter owners
Availability: Internal only, landing page at

Project Timeline



Key Path scenario

A user first sends a final draft of the mass email to the tool through their regular email client. We respond with a magic link. When the user clicks the magic link, she adds the recipients, tests the email, and launches it. She then measures the open rates, click rates, and other metrics through the stats page. “Big step forward in understanding our readership. Now we can customize content by location, and measure our performance over time.”



Mailwave Experience

Mailwave follows simplicity and fluidity as its design principles. A mailwave user experiences launching and measuring an email campaign in a continuum.


Mailwave’s growth inside the company has been steady. Our initial target users assumption is proved to be true. When we look at the top 10 users, we see both communications specialists and casual newsletter owners use Mailwave on a regular basis. Our colleagues have launched around 500 email campaigns that have reached around 200K recipients. Several of our key communications departments are now using Mailwave in their workflows. To learn more, take a look at our Medium stories:
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