Law Dojo

Mobile Portfolio Web/Desktop

Role: Interaction design, visual design
Challenge: HMW help law students & aficionados learn legal content in a playful manner?
Concept: A quick, visual, game to help test people on legal knowledge, and build up greater awareness and confidence. It’s test prep for students and civics education for the general public.
Client, persona: Law students, high school civic students, Law & Order fans, and other people who like to geek out about what the law says.
Availability: Available at Google Play, Itunes, and at


Law Dojo is a mobile and web game for people curious about learning the law. It has two primary audiences: the intense law student who is trying to master all the detailed legal rules to pass their exams, and the casual person who wants to be smart about their rights, the Constitution, or other specific legal areas.

Proposed UX

We built Law Dojo to fit this gap between the arcane, difficult legal resources — and the very generalized, high-level summaries of what the law says. Why can’t the process of learning the law be more lightweight, rewarding, and engaging? Whether it’s for the law student cramming for exams, or the high schooler wondering what the police are allowed to do — our aim was to make an experience that could help people test their own knowledge and build more.

Mobile experience

Law Dojo has more than 26,000 downloads. We’ve found particular success with some unexpected audience’s — high school teachers have their students play the Know Your Rights game (which is by far our most popular game in Law Dojo). Law students are Law Dojo’s most ardent users — they are the most likely to buy all the games, and use them regularly.