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Role: UX design lead for Data aggregation workflows team
Challenge: How might we seamlessly bring all kinds of modeling data into Infraworks?Concept: Drag and drop, intelligent filtering based on meta-data
Client, persona: Civil engineers, architects who are responsible for visualizing proposals
Availability: Infraworks concept


In data aggregation workflows, my role as a designer was in two folds. In new workflows, I helped my team in Shanghai define the use cases, and develop user experience. In existing workflows, I improved the user experience in an incremental manner. In this particular project, I conducted user research on how Revit building models can be best brought to Infraworks environment. In my research, I discovered that Infraworks users expect varying levels of detail from their model. They perceive Infraworks as a light-weight visualization tool. This means they want to add Revit objects with less detail (LOD). Moreover, they expect a seamless connectedness between these two Autodesk tools.



Data import vision flow