the boundaries of systems thinking

This insight is from the second systems thinking class. Once we begin thinking of systems and their relationships, we also begin to realize the boundaries of the human-made deliberations, or judgments. Harold makes a witty word play with the G.O.D in the previous class. Designer faces two challenges in his systemic thinking, first one is the Guarantee Of Design, second Guarantee Of Destiny. Designer can accept the first challenge with his/her judgments and actional deliberation, however, the second one is pretty much beyond his/her competency. Borrowing from Helen myth, that is why Nelson characterizes designer as a lame G.O.D., who needs to keep continue on making in order to survive, in order to serve for the bigger gods.. For my side, it was striking to see the connection between the part and wholes, and how the concept and existence of ‘destiny’ comes into the stage as a boundary to the systems-thinking. At another time, I would like to think of this boundary as a matter of ‘chance’. Goffman has a nice piece on chance and chance taking in his Interaction Rituals..