transitional crawlings

stress_eraserStress eraser as its name suggests aims to decrease stress, facilitating people’s (growing a) meditation habit. It uses a simple biofeedback therapy method by leveraging  haptic input and providing visual feedback. here is a definition of biofeedback from their booklet:

Biofeedback is any technology that non-invasively monitors your body’s functions – such asblood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, or muscle tension – and conveys that information to you in real-time. Biofeedback has been clinically proven over 30 years of research to help people learn to use their body’s voluntary functions – such as breathing, focusing, or contracting muscles – to have an immediate and positive impact on their well being. By communicating your body function in real-time, a biofeedback machine increases your awareness of a particular bodily function and allows you to exert greater control over these functions.

what makes this product tempting for me is its transitional strength. it  may be one of primitive yet efficient transitional products, which aims to increase quality-of-life by its simplest means, intervening in people’s breathing rhythm. It is perceptive rather than socially interactive, trying to reach at habitual through behavioral means. Company suggests using the product before going to bed, trying to intervene into bedtime rituals-if people have any. I would cast this product as a perfect ritual product, emulating eastern traditions of meditation and awareness…I’ve discovered a similar product called emwave, i will think a loud more may be next time with emwave…