philosophic semantics and philosophic inquiry

richard mc keon, student of John Dewey, from University of Chicago, created a map of philosophy and pointed out the fundamentals of philosophy with the article; philosophic semantics and philosophic inquiry. i got the chance to read this article last year, and still it protects its liveliness in my path as a doctorate student. he classifies philosophic semantics as principles, interpretations, methods, and selections.

principles: holoscopic and meroscopic principles: holoscopic principles comprehensive and reflexive, meroscopic ones actional and simple…
methods: universal and particular methods. universal ones are dialectical and operational, particular ones are problematic and logistic methods.
interpretations: ontic and phenomenal interpretations: ontic ones: ontological and entiative ones, phenomenal interpretations: existential, and essentialist interpretations.
selections: hiearchies(transcendental), matters(reductive), types(perspective), kinds(functional).

i found a (scanned image) version of his article in following address: