goffmann in his long article begins to read where the action is with an analysis of coin-tossing. it seems a little bir naive at the beginning, but just before the transition to the real life conditions we have the general idea of phases of action: squaring off, determination, closure, settlement..

consequentiality and fatefulness have just been described before where the action is..action cannot be found in routine of life that is incosequential and/or unproblematic, rather, action is in the consequential and spontaneous chance-taking of fateful is problematic and eventful.

the crescendo of the article for me appears when the connection between action and character is revealed. character in itself is a paradox, unchanging/essential one and the changing one. changeable character is tested whenever there is action. this means that action is one of the most important in defining the character; how deep is the paradox, or how a person can become a character…

in conclusion vicarious experiences are related to the identity issue. it is again the place where the action and character seems to be intertwined.. in constructing an identity through celebrities, people exchanges their character via action. lets think about this more..