starting with the notion of fateful occupational duties, action as a kind of self oriented evocation in ritualized form of the moral scene arising when such duties exercised. action consists of chancy tasks undertaken for their own sake. excitement characters display, the by-products of practical gambles, of serious fateful scenes, become in the case of action the tacit purpose of the whole show. p239

it is here that society provides still another solution for those who would keep their character up but their costs down: the manufacture and distribution of vicarious experience through the mass media. [p262]

vicarious experience

vicarious means experienced in the imagination through the feeling or actions of another person…

vicarious experience re-establishes our connection to values concerning does action. action and vicarious experience, then, so diggerent on the surface, seem to be allied.

take clothing. female dress is designed to be attractive, which must be mean in some sense or other that the interest of unspecified males is to be aroused. and with this arousal the basis is laid for one type of action. but the actual probability of this action occuring is very often very low. fantasies are thus inviograted, bur reality is not.