interaction ritual IV

goffman in the last section shifts his focus to the character and action.. he believes that people have primary and secondary capacities that is going to be exhibited under fateful conditions. by primary capacities he means behaviors revealed under the consequential but not problematic situations.
under the consequential and problematic conditions a second set of capacities or properties appear..this is what goffman called properties of character..under the pressure of these conditions if the person will manage himself succesfully, and in self control, we called that person a strong character, if he can not behave effectively and correctly it shows his weak character..

he talked about some major forms of character:


gameness: the capacity to stick to aline of activity and to continue to pour all effort into it regardless of set-backs, pain, or fatique.

integrity: the propensity to resist temptation in situations where there would be much profit and some impugnity in departing momentarily from moral standards.(not: ihsan kavrami)

gallantry: to the capacity to maintain the forms of courtesy when the forms are full of substance.

composure:self-control, self-possession,or poise. the origin of the term “cool”, coolness, calmness, presence of mind,dignity, aristocratic ethic, stage confidence.